Pastor Ancestral House

Sitting along C. Tirona St, is a turn of the century residence formerly owned by Don Alejo Acosta, Capitan del Barrio of Batangas in 1883. Today, it is owned by the children of Concha Acosta and husband Dr. Juan Pastor, headed by Atty. Antonia Acosta Pastor.



Pastor HouseLocated on Tirona St., Batangas City. The Pastor House is an example of a turn-of- the-century type of residence. It was originally owned by Mr. Alejo Acosta, the barrio Captain of Batangas in 1883. It has been related that William Howard Taft, the Governor General assigned in the Philippines during the American Occupation, visited this house, and during his visit, his assassination was attempted by a sniper. To this day, the bullet that would have ended his life is still lodged in one of the doors of the house. (source: