Historical Background


Spanish missionaries first set foot in Batangas City in 1572. The settlement was founded in 1581 and named “Batangan” because of the numerous big logs that abounded the Calumpang River. The logs were called “batang” by the natives who settled near the river and called the settlement “Batangan”. This name was modified and became Batangas in 1601. Don Agustin Casilao was appointed as the first Gobernadorcillo. Since 1754, the city has been the capital and administrative center of the province. Batangas became a city in 1969 through Republic Act. No. 5495.

The following dates marked the significant events/activities which shaped the growth and development of Batangas City.

1581 the first Roman Catholic Church was built
July 04, 1901 Civil Government was established under the American Regime.
 1902 Batangas High School was established which is now known as the Batangas National High School.
 June 19, 1909 The Batangas Municipal Hall was inaugurated.
June, 1910 The Batangas Trade School was formally
opened. Known now as the Batangas State University formerly Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology.
July 25,1915 Plaza Mabini was inaugurated.
 Dec. 12, 1941 Japanese planes bombed and totally destroyed the Batangas Airport in Barangay Alangilan.
 Feb. 13, 1948 Batangas Catholic Church was elevated to the status of Basilica Minor of Infant Jesus and Immaculate Conception.
 June 21, 1969 The late President Ferdinand Marcos signed Republic Act No. 5495 creating Batangas City into law.
 July 23, 1969 Batangas City Government was formally organized.