CENRO Citizen's Charter


Schedule of Availability: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Frontline Services: Availment of Application for Delivery Clearance for trucking/hauling services, Request form for cutting of trees, request form for trimming/pruning of trees, Certificate of Transport Agreement, ECO Accreditation Certificate
Client: Owners/Representatives of companies engaged in trucking and hauling services, Lot owners/Authorized Representatives
Requirement: N/A
Total Processing Time: 5mins.
How to avail of the service:                                                                                   Fees: N/A
AGENCY / LGU Action Office Responsible Location of Office Maximum Duration
1 Securest the list of requirements or application form

A. Interviews and explains the list of requirement to the applicant

B.Issues list of requirement

C.Advises the applicant to submit requirement upon completion

Environment Safety and Permits Division (ESPED) – City ENRO 3rd Floor Gusali ng Kalikasan at Kapayapaan 5 mins
2 Receives the list of requirements