Barangay Haligue Kanluran

Barangay Officials
Rosario G. Pareja Punong Barangay
Lilibeth G. Sasot Brgy. Kagawad
Crispin R. Gamier  Brgy. Kagawad
Daniel C. Manalo Brgy. Kagawad
Lita F. Alido Brgy. Kagawad
Ligaya G. Sombilla Brgy. Kagawad
Connie M. Maderazo Brgy. Kagawad
Francisco C. Cantos Brgy. Kagawad
Michael Angelo R. Cao SK Chairperson 
Joan C. Bajeta SK Kagawad
Faye C. Manalo  SK Kagawad
Jhoanne C. Hernandez SK Kagawad
Gerald B. Alcantara SK Kagawad
Ericko Lymwell M. Perez SK Kagawad
Jade Valerie M. Maderazo  SK Kagawad
Angela A. Manalo SK Kagawad


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 409.3023
Projected Population 2022 :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 7
Boundaries : North - Sto. Niño
South - Haligue Silangan
West - Pinamucan East
East - Maruclap


Other Information


Historical and Cultural Life of Haligue Kanluran

1. Present Official name: Haligue Kanluran

2. Derivation: The name haligue means Post
   This name was derived from the steep column of solid rock that resembles a post. This is to be found in mountains range of Talim. Pena, Tandula,      Maruklap and Coto-coto are the sitios of this barrio.

3. Original families: The Balmeses, The Agtays, The Argirez and the Franes