Barangay Banaba South

Barangay Officials
Mario C. Due Punong Barangay
Abelardo A. Campos Brgy. Kagawad
Ciriaco M. de Mesa Brgy. Kagawad
Gloria V. Hiwatig Brgy. Kagawad
Jun C. Diona Brgy. Kagawad
Nilo D. Ramos Brgy. Kagawad
Rufino M. Macaraig Brgy. Kagawad
Dante C. Hernandez Brgy. Kagawad
Renz Joseph R. Rayos SK-Chairman
Rubiliza M. Garbin Brgy. Secretary
Marites A. Papasin Brgy. Treasurer



Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 128.1066
Population 2015 (PSA) :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 4
Boundaries : North - Banaba Center
South - Bolbok
West - Banaba West
East - Balagtas



Other Information

Official Name of the Barrio

     Long before its name, Banaba South has been recognized as the mat weaving center. Due to this fact, Banaba South was called “Magbabanig”. When the barrio captain, Melecio Macaraig was assigned as the head of the barrio, the local arrangement made. This name Magbabanig was changed to Banaba south due to the fact that it is the Southern part of the original barrio Banaba. There were succeeding captain del barrios too. Each of them work hard for the success of the said barrio term because he succeeded in organizing our school and community improvement.

     The place became the dumping ground of explosive for the invasion of Japan.Pilferers were rampant. These explosives rurglrt many lives before they were dumped in the mid ocean by the bomb disposal.