Barangay Conde Itaas

Barangay Officials
Apolinario G. Camo Punong Barangay
Lazaro C. Asi Brgy. Kagawad
Candido C. Luistro Brgy. Kagawad
Feliciano D. Mandigma Brgy. Kagawad
Gilacio D. Untalan Brgy. Kagawad
Maximina M. Beato Brgy. Kagawad
Genoveva D. Chavez Brgy. Kagawad
Jose R. Almarez Brgy. Kagawad
Jayson C. De Torres SK-Chairman
Juliana M. De Torres Brgy. Secretary
Marcela M. Delen Brgy. Treasurer


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 237.6382
Population 2015 (PSA) :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 7
Boundaries : North - Talumpok
South - San Miguel
West - Conde Labac
East - Sto. Domingo


Other Information
This place has the greatest part in the area covered by Batangas province. Presently it is divided into four barrios namely: Conde Labak, Conde Itaas,  Sato Domingo and Cumba.

The name was derived from Spanish word "Conde" for the fact that during the Spanish time countesses used to stay in our country. Counts are Spanish officers.

During the early days no one headed this barrio. It was only on 1901, when perhaps the people awake from a deep slumber and started to acquire open-mindedness to the things around them. Properly learn to face the fact that they need someone to lead them. They chose a certain man whom they called Cabeza. The first know Cabeza was Mr. Pading. There were still several cabezas followed.

Cabezas were then followed by the “tenientes del barrios”. Well known among them was Mr. Alejandro Asi who was the first to assume the post.

The term “teniente” was soon changed to “Barrio Captain” as it is popularly known today.

At about the early part of 1900 a certain school building was established in Conde Labak and it is no other than the oldest school building here. During that time there were no concrete roads. You can find them mostly located in the remote areas. The establishment of the barrio school brought some changes in the life of the people. Many learned to write and this lead to the increase of the numbers of voters. This, in turn, lead to the construction of a road leading to town. As this place of development, barrio folk began to transfer near the newly constructed road and built their houses along the sides of that road. This lead to the progress of the barrio.

People started to send their children to school. There were those who finished their high school studies and still others were able to obtained some degrees. Among the successful ones were Mr. Egmidio Ebreo, who became an officer of the armed Forces of the Philippine (Colonel and Doctor of law); Mr. Fedrico Blay, a well known lawyer in Manila; Pascual Dequito, a clerk of court in Lipa city. Added to the above names are those who are presently rendering services both in government and private firms whose names were so many to mention.

1. Present official name of the barrio - Conde Itaas
2. Names of Sitios:
     a. Suha           
     b. Kahilan       
     c. Cumba        
     d. Talon         
     e. Tubigan
     f. Bakis
     g. pinagkalabungan
3. Date of establishment: - 1861
4. Original Families - Polintan Jose, Maria Evangelista and Serafin Panganiban
5. List of Tenientes since 1861 to the present time.

Spanish Time
Higino Asi                              
Celestino Panganiban           
Leonardo Asi
Alejandro Guno

American Regime
Leonarado Asi                     
Engracio Mandigma
Martin Bayer