Barangay Dalig

Barangay Officials
Ricardo M. Abaya Punong Barangay
Gemma B. Aclan Brgy.Kagawad
Clemente G. Villena Brgy.Kagawad
Aleli R. Villena Brgy.Kagawad
Carlito M. Abaya Brgy.Kagawad
Jeffrey M. Babao Brgy.Kagawad
Joselito D. Babao Brgy.Kagawad
Victoria A. Castillo Brgy.Kagawad
Kathrine B. Villena SK-Chairman
Sofia R. Villena Brgy. Secretary
Filomena C. Gonzales Brgy. Treasurer


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 227.5769
Population 2015 (PSA) :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 7
Boundaries : North - San Pedro/Tinga 
South - Gulod Itaas
West - Gulod Labac
East - Dumantay


Other Information

1. Present official name of the barrio - - DALIG

2. Popular Name of The Barrio (Past And Present) - - DALIG

3. Original families

a. Policarpio Maderaso
b. Baltazar Bagon
c. Constancio Villena

4. Teniente del Barrio


a. Francisco Maderazo
b. Baltazw Bagon
c. Dalmacio Buenafe
d. Maximino Villena
e. Severo Maderazo
f. Leon Villena
g. Jucio Babao

5. Legend

The name of the barrio (DALIG) was derived from a body of water from a river nearby (Kawong River). The body of water was so deep and calm that the people of the place called it Dalig. This body of water was for a long time the source of water supply of the barrio folks.

6. Date of historical sites, structures and buildings

School buildings - The first school building was a nipa hut put up with the help of the barrio people in 1938 on the lot donated by Mr. Melecio Arceo, former Asst. Provincial Treasurer.

Next building was constructed during the term of Congressman N. Babao. This was dilapidated and demolished thru Municipal Bidding (1970). The present pre-fab school building (Marcos type) was put up in 1968.