Barangay Gulod Itaas

Barangay Officials
Alberto A. de Ocampo Punong Barangay
Jovita B. Geli Brgy. Kagawad
Antonio B. Beraña Brgy. Kagawad
Arlyn R. Cueto Brgy. Kagawad
Leonardo A. Cueto Sr. Brgy. Kagawad
Democrito C. Magadia Brgy. Kagawad
Lea P. Dongon Brgy. Kagawad
Lito C. Cueto Brgy. Kagawad
Maria Veronica C. Cueto SK-Chairman
Loida C. Dizon Brgy. Secretary
Noemi C. Cueto Brgy. Treasurer


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 228.2495
Population 2015 (PSA) :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 3
Boundaries : North - Sampaga & Pallocan East
South - Dalig
West - Gulod Labac
East - Dumantay


Other Information



1. Present official name of the barrio - GULOD-ITAAS

2. Popular name of the barrio (past) – GULOD (present) – GULOD ITAAS

3. Original families

a. Gregorio Cueto
b. Jose Bagon
c. Jose Geli

4. Teniente del Barrio

a .Gregorio Cueto
b. Manuel Cueto
c. Anastacio Cantre
d .Gregorio Cueto
e. Jose Bagon
f. Andres Cueto
g. Rufino Aguilar
h. Silvino Cantre
i. Francisco Deleniana
j. Rafael Cueto
k. Agustin Cueto
l. Reynaldo Briones
m. Cornelio Cueto
n. Marco Maranan

5. Legend:

     Gulod came to be known by that name because of its topographical situation. Being situated on an elevated piece of land the central part of the barrio resembles that of the back of an animal with its two sides sloping downward ending into a creek on both sides.

     Formerly Gulod-Labac was a part of Gulod-Itaas under one Pangulo and with an engkargado who represented his sitio and who looked after the improvement, peace and order of his sitio.

6. Date of historical sites, structures and buildings.

School building - The first organized class was housed under the dwelling of the late Miss Agripina Deleniana - 1946 with an enrollment of 50 pupils. Later on, the P.T.A. raised funds through voluntary contributions of the barrio people and aid from the Mayor, the late Mr. Roman Perez. Then the P.T.A. building was put up on the lot borrowed from Mr. and Mrs. Martin Magadia and heirs by the barrio people, free labor under the auspices of the teniente del barrio, Mr. Silvino Cantre. It housed two classes under two teachers. But unfortunately this building was constructed. During the term of Congressman Babao he appropriated Php5,000 for the construction of a standard school building which was put up on the lot of Feliciano and Ines Magadia (brother and sister). This lot was later on acquired by the barrio through expropriation proceedings which was shouldered by the voluntary contributions of the barrio and aid from the municipal council sponsored by Mayor Tolentino.

At present the primary children are occupying the pre-fab three-unit building given by President Garcia, while the Grades IV and V classes occupy the Marcos type Pre-fab building. The grades VI classes are occupying the standard school building.

There's also a Home Economics building constructed during the term of Miss Josefa Aguila, a retired principal.