Barangay Mahacot Kanluran

Barangay Officials
Roberto T. Quinere Punong Barangay
Marcelino Q. Aclan Brgy. Kagawad
Hector A. Lalong-isip Brgy. Kagawad
Nelson Q. Zaraspe Brgy. Kagawad
Raquel A. Zaraspe Brgy. Kagawad
Jackson G. Cabio Brgy. Kagawad
Diones U. Perez Brgy. Kagawad
Melvin  G. Caniete Brgy. Kagawad
Sebastian Adi L. Gervacio SK Chairperson 
Kim Z. Gutierrez SK Kagawad
Princess P. Zaraspe SK Kagawad
Jonald Rhaffy B. Perez SK Kagawad
Alyssa Mikaela Camille Q. Perez SK Kagawad
Russel P. Zaraspe SK Kagawad
Jhommell F. Zaraspe SK Kagawad
Ma. Kyla Louise G. Zaraspe SK Kagawad


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 310.3762
Projected Population 2022 (CPDO)
Number of Purok/Sitios : 2
Boundaries : North - Ibaan
South - Dumantay
West - San Pedro
East - Mahacot Silangan


Other Information



     Mahacot is a barrio situated in the north-eastern part of the city of Batangas. Geographically the place is hilly with rolling lands. Some places however are level due to the care of the barrio people by building rice terraces to prevent the soil from being eroded.

     This barrio will greatly progress if the following will be improved, roads that connect the barrio with the city, installation of electric power and the construction of power to drill the water from the artesian well.

     According to information the original families were the following : Press's family, Gutierrez's Zaraspe's and Untalan. This can be varied due to the fact that the family name of most people here are those family names.

     The past barrio captains were Cabesang Guyo, (Cabesa, the old name for barrio captain). Cabesang Esco, Cabesang Tito etc. Since the American occupation the following Teniente del barrios came in their order; Justiniano Alcantara up to the outbreak of World War II, Aguedo Gutierrez, Timoteo Almero, Felipe Perez and Pedro Zaraspe.

     According to the history of the place the young men of this barrio get the fair ladies of other barrios for their wives. Not only in this line do they excel. Most men go to other places for work and bring home the fruits of their labor thus they accumulate a little. With these actions the people of the place have been Manghahacot in short means Mahacot. Thus came the name Mahacot.

     Some worthwhile habits and customs of the people which are worth emulating are the following : bayanihan family solidarity or family ties, respect for law and order etc. The bayanihan system is so deeply rooted such that it can be seen in the field during planting and harvesting season and in all activities where more people will be needed. Marriage customs are still in the old fashioned way. Seldom if ever do lovers elope. Most marriages are done in the most festive way.

     Presently Mahacot is on the way to progress. Most farmers are independent farmers and they till their own land. There are no peasants here. With the use of modern farm implements and fertilizer the people don't buy the rice they eat. They still save for the market, except when there is a drought. Farmers have a good harvest all the time.

     With the elementary school as an agency in the uplift of the community the barrio will go onward, more so with the construction of better roads, provision for electric power and provision for good water supply.