Barangay Pallocan Kanluran

Barangay Officials
Patricia C. Macatangay Punong Barangay
Angelina T. Villestas Brgy. Kagawad
Adrian Z. Macatangay Brgy. Kagawad
Romy D. Catilo Brgy. Kagawad
Alejandra P. Marasigan Brgy. Kagawad
Lucila D. Macalalad Brgy. Kagawad
Rovelio C. Rivera Brgy. Kagawad
Ismael A. Catilo Brgy. Kagawad
Philip Joshua E. Marasigan SK-Chairman
Janice M. Alialy Brgy. Secretary
Epifanio P. Marasigan Brgy. Treasurer


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 108.0384
Population 2015 (PSA) :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 7
Boundaries : North - Gulod Labac
South - Libjo
West - Poblacion 1-2
East - Pallocan East


Other Information



1. Official name of the barrio - Pallocan

2. Popular name of the barrio - (past and present)

Pallocan a barrio about a kilometer away from the poblacion is composed of two sectors, namely: Pallocan Silangan and Pallocan Kanluran. The two are separated from each other by a small brook call "Ilat". Pallocan Silangan at the eastern side of Pallocan Kanluran is at the Western part of the said brook. It has also a sitio named barrio Santolan.

3. Data of Establishment:

The foundation of these barrio could be traced way back during the Spanish regime in the Philippine when the unit of the government of four ancestors was still the "Barangay” with heads known as cabeza de Barangay. It was the early settlers who named it Pallocan a named patterned after "palayok" the products that these people produced.

4. List of tenientes del barrio (past & present)

The coming of the Americans paved the way to some changes in the political structure not only of this barrio but also of other places in the Philippines. The units of the government such as the “Barangay” were abolished and instead barrios headed by tenientes del barrio was introduced.
Those who became teniente del barrio during the American regime were as follows : Mateo Macaraig, Aurello Macatangay, Rufino Bool, and Marcelino Macatangay

Before the war broke, the teniente del barrio was still Marcellino Macatangay. But since he evacuated to Ibaan, Vicente Gonito, a guerilla replaced him for the meantime. After liberation, Marcellino Macatangay resume his position and stayed as teniente del barrio for three more successive terms (12) years until his death. He was then succeeded by Dalmacio Macaraig. Later on he was replaced by Igmedio Catilo.

5. Stories and Legend of Sitios :

Sitio - Santolan
Centuries ago, this place was known for its fruit bearing tree called "Santolan". Almost all families had at least two or three santol trees growing in their backyard. Thus because of santol people from nearby place got used in calling this place santolan.

6. Customs and Traditions :

The barrio folks are known for their hospitality. They have strong family ties as well as cooperative neighborhood. The people are peace loving but they are ready to sacrifice their lives in protecting their country from foreign countries who desires to suppress or subdue our democratic form of government.