Barangay San Agustin Silangan, Isla Verde

Barangay Officials
Estelito P. Gualberto Punong Barangay
Joey C. Ropero Brgy.Kagawad
Elberto C. Panganban Brgy.Kagawad
Judith R. Ibon Brgy.Kagawad
Joselito P. Driz Brgy.Kagawad
Maria Movie A. Manongsong Brgy.Kagawad
Rolliet I. Ropero Brgy.Kagawad
Jonelene S. Tiamsim Brgy.Kagawad
Kevin Yasis B. De Castro SK-Chairman
Mariel B. Aclan Brgy. Secretary
Jediglenn D. Ibon Brgy. Treasurer


Other Information



     People are still doubtful as to how this place came into being. There had been a series of stories which could be considered only as oral literature for even at present no one could tell the exact origin of San Agustin.

     Accordingly, Isla Verde before was a place of wilderness. Nobody inhabited the place until after the coming of the Spaniards. Spanish officials found out that it could be a good place to live in. They settled here for 2 or 3 years. There came a time that they have to leave the place and look for another wherein they could have a close supervision of the natives.

     When the Spaniards left, natives from Mindoro made it as their permanent settlement. They looked for a place where they could give a better shelter for their families. They dig the soil, cultivated it and for several months the place could already be considered as a gift of love from heaven.

     The head of the native was Augusto. He was a very kind and responsible leader. As a whole he had a very strong personality and character. He supervised his men wisely. One day, he summoned his men for he had heard certain news from nearby province. There was already a bitter struggle between the Spanish officials and the revolutionaries, Augusto being a nationalistic man wanted to prepare his men.

     After several days, that they had been preparing, cracks of bullets could be nearby. People especially women were frightened. Augusto and his men were on alert. There was already news that revolutionaries were hiding in mountains and Augusto's place was such a kind. Hours passed, people were holding their breath until after they heard shouts coming.

     A bloody fight end, Augusto and his men were trying to safe guard the place especially their families but their bolos could not do against the rifles of the Spaniards. Augusto was beheaded; and majority of his men were killed, women were dishonored.

     After a bloody fight only a couple had left for they had hidden themselves. They bore children and their children by these folks. In behalf of Augusto, the place was called San Agustin.