Barangay San Pedro

Barangay Officials
Maxima B. Castillo Punong Barangay
Victor M. Burog Brgy. Kagawad
Julie G.Andal Brgy. Kagawad
Felipe A. Aclan Brgy. Kagawad
Demmy C. Untalan Brgy. Kagawad
Leonardo H. Matira Brgy. Kagawad
Ligaya P. Aclan Brgy. Kagawad
Bobby F. Ilagan Brgy. Kagawad
John Lord S. Perez SK-Chairman
Jonalhyne P. Bayer Brgy. Secretary
Adelina C. Delgado Brgy. Treasurer


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 426.0020
Population 2015 (PSA) :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 5
Boundaries : North - Dumantay
South - Tingga
West - Dalig
East - Mahacot Kanluran


Other Information



     The small barrio of San Pedro with the approximate population of 650 people is located in the northeastern part of Batangas City. Looking at its geographical location, it is hilly and surrounded by small brooks. There are places which are level but these were made so because people did some measures like digging these and putting hollow blocks on the lower sides of the land so as to prevent erosion.

     The progress of this barrio will greatly depend on the help of the city officials thus; if irrigation will be built the rice harvest will increase. Another help for the improvement of this place is the installation of electric power to drill water from the artesian wells.
The eldest folks of the barrio relate the information that a certain old man in the early times was found lying under the shade of the tree. The other people that came from neighboring places heard him shouting. They came to help this man who was shouting, “Saan pedro”, “Saan pedro”, all the time until the last minute if his life. The people who helped him remained and lived in this place and call it San Pedro.
The lineup of barrio officials long before the outbreak of the second World War, up to the present are as follows: Cabesang Juan, Pangulong Genaro, Eulalio, Genaro, Juan and Pastor. Kapitan Pastor is the present barrio captain.

     The people of this place have some worthwhile habits and customs. They practice the bayanihan which help people very much in times of needs. They are hospitable such that people from other places appreciate it very much. People respect the law very much and it is evidenced by the peacefulness in the place. Marriage customs here are still in the old-fashioned way although there are some who still elope.

     Although San Pedro is much developed and show more progression still some farmers are victims of their landlords. Most of them are independent farmers and with their own knowledge of tilling the soil there’s no need to go to market to get the rice for their meals. There is a complete elementary school to uplift the barrio and the community hoping that in the coming years more improvement and progression will be seen.