Houses & Landmarks

Batangas City is blessed with a rich culture and heritage, and has become home to some of the country’s most significant national leaders whose roles and legacy helped shape the country today. In its long history, Batangas City nurtured and preserved its historical roots from the pre-Spanish settlements up to the present. This gave rise to many urban centers of culture and business in the Poblacion.
Historical buildings and ancestral houses in the town proper are maintained, some are reconstructed, in a manner preserving their original features making it available for the next generation to appreciate and treasure.

The Borbon-Rosales house has been the home of Don Felipe Borbon’s family since the 1870’s inherited by Don Pablo Borbon husband of Rufina Mayo then to daughter Remedios who was married to Dr. Godofredo Rosales. Located along P. Panganiban St., it is also the ancestral home of Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, the former archbishop of Manila.

Acosta-Pastor Ancestral House Sitting along C. Tirona St., is a turn of the century residence formerly owned by Don Alejo Acosta, Capitan del Barrio of Batangas in 1883. Today, it is owned by the children of Concha Acosta and husband Dr. Juan Pastor, headed by Atty. Antonio Acosta Pastor.