Local Economic & Investment Promotion Office Citizen's Charter




a.Prepare and implement, in coordination with the City Development Council, the annual investments promotion plan;

b.Receive, process and evaluate applications for registration and applications for the availment of local incentives and submit its recommendation to the City Mayor or City Investment and Incentives Board (if established) within a specified period from the official receipt of the application;

c. Assist in: (1) securing licenses and permits; (2) identifying business or joint venture partners, raw materials suppliers and possible business sites; (3) sourcing skilled manpower and service providers; and (4) facilitating the resolution of issues and concerns encountered by business enterprises, among others;

d.Render after-care services to Registered Enterprises as well as to investors in general;

e.Monitor and supervise compliance of Registered Enterprises with their undertakings and the terms of their Certificate of Registration, as well as properly administer the grant of incentives to investors;

f.Prepare and disseminate investments promotion collaterals, e.g., brochures and a website or specific pages of the website of the City for the purpose of information dissemination, including issuing reminders to Registered Enterprises, and providing information relevant to investors, among other information generally relevant to doing business in the City;

g. Conduct briefings to potential investors;

h.Represent the City in trade and investments meetings, conferences, for conventions and other similar gatherings in both domestic and foreign venues as directed by the Board;

i. Collate, analyze, and compile pertinent data and studies concerning areas that have been or may be declared as Investment Priority Areas (IPAs);

j. Establish cooperative undertakings with other Local Government Units, the private sector, National Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations, or other institutions as may be necessary, useful, and incidental to the effective and efficient promotion of economic growth and investments;

k.Provide technical secretariat support to the City Investment and Incentives Board (if established); and

l. Perform other duties and responsibilities assigned by City Mayor and the City Investment and Incentives Board (if established)